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Quick View Plus 12.0

It lets you view virtually any file or email attachment you need instantly
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Quick View Plus 12 Standard Edition lets you view virtually any file or email attachment you need instantly, without purchasing numerous software programs. Slash your software licensing expenses and find information in a fraction of the time. Quick View Plus 12 Professional Edition provides even more advanced file viewing and search features for legal, government and enterprise applications.
-Quick View Plus maintains the formatting of the original documents, allowing you to see the content as it was originally created.
-Quick View Plus integrates with popular browsers and e-mail applications,
allowing these programs to seamlessly view file formats they do not support.
-The Quick View Plus viewing environment provides two-pane navigation, allowing users to quickly navigate through their file system and use the same Quick View Plus window to view any files they choose. The file navigation panes can be oriented in either a left-hand or top attachment manner.
-Not only can Quick View Plus view the contents within a .zip file, it can also create them. This can save your organization the expense or hassle dealing with a separate program to create or open .zip files.
-All or a portion of any viewed file can be copied and then pasted into an
application. Quick View Plus is the fast way to view and print all or part of
one or multiple file. You can even print files without viewing them.
-Quick View Plus 12 Professional Edition includes advanced search, Microsoft Project Gantt chart support, ability to view hidden data like Microsoft Word track changes data, PowerPoint speaker notes, and hidden cells in spreadsheets. It also offers integration options with third-party applications. It's the leading choice for legal case management, litigation support, eDiscovery, computer forensics and advanced enterprise and government file viewing requirements.

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